Welcome to Miami!

by Manasi

Though I had high plans of blogging a lot during my winter break, apparently watching a lot of bad TV won. I think I have also successfully forgotten all of the information I learned during my first semester of medical school. This probably will not bode well for the future. Either way, it was a really relaxing break that started off with a five day trip to Miami with my sister. I know South Beach is apparently the place to go out and dance and such, but a) you probably don’t want to see me dance, b) my sister is not yet of drinking age and I figured it would be nice to actually spend time with her.

The trip was fun, though apparently the huge snowstorm that was attacking the entire east coast made Miami unseasonably cold. Of course it was 80 degrees the week leading up to our trip and then it dipped into the 50’s or 40’s during the time we were there. Either way, it was better than the foot of snow that Massachusetts received and definitely better than the 15 degree weather up north. I think it was a nice relaxing trip for both of us, as we had been up late studying for finals and such.

Well enough words…here are some highlights!

No good trip starts out without Starbucks and me taking annoying pictures.

Some palm trees and Miami streets. Notice lovely gray skies…boo!

We decided to take public transportation to the Miami Sequarium. As it took us an hour, I ended up snapping some photos on the way there.

Aren’t the animals so cute? I loved the sea lions that just kind of lazed around all day. In actuality, this place was kind of like Sea World more than anything.

They also had some exotic birds area. The flamingos were just hysterical and really didn’t like having their taken, but I managed to snap a few.

Aah…Finally some sun this day. I love the buildings and architecture of Miami. So different than New England.

The awesome hot chocolate from News Cafe. This place was great–I think we went here 3 times!

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