My New York Eating Adventure

by Manasi

Though most of my spring break was a “staycation,” we did end up going to New York for a weekend. It was also the week that the weather decided to become spring-like and it ended up being a gorgeous week at home and an ever more beautiful weekend in New York. With the weather in the northeast having such good weather, it almost felt like I had gone somewhere exotic for a week. In addition, I was pretty excited as I was planning on getting some New York eating in during that week. I read a bunch of food blogs, most of whom are based in New York, which always gets me jealous that I don’t live there. When Rabi and I decided we were going to spend a weekend in NYC, I started putting together a list of food I wanted to eat.

The first place, which i didn’t get a picture of, was Lula’s Sweet Apothecary. When I told Rabi about Lula’s he gave me a weird look because though it’s an ice cream parlor, it’s all vegan. He may not eat meat, but trust me, he loves his dairy. I was curious though and told him that all the reviews were good, so he reluctantly agreed. Of course, we don’t really know how to get around New York, so his brother had to guide us there. While we schleped from Little Italy to Lula’s, I could sense the skepticism, but didn’t say anything. Once we got there, I think it was close to closing time, but I still got to try the famous cake batter soft serve. I love cake batter ice cream in general, so was pretty psyched with tasting the vegan version. Let me tell you: it was amazing! You may be able to tell it’s not ‘real’ but the taste itself was so good that you won’t care. We all got cake batter and since it was the end of the night, there wasn’t much else there to try, but from the reviews I think that most people like what they’re making. I was bummed that I didn’t get to try a banana split, but I suppose that’s what visits back to NYC are for!

Our next stop on Saturday was a place that I’ve been dying to try since I started reading about food- Shake Shack! I LOVE burgers and ice cream and that pretty much sums up Shake Shack’s offerings. It was everything that I dreamed it would be and more. I had heard that their lines were super long, but they weren’t kidding. Luckily it gave us time to check out the menu and figure out what we wanted.

So Psyched! Oh, and such a tourist!

This ended up being everything I dreamed it would be and much more! As I said before, I love burgers and this is just a good, simple burger on a potato roll with some veggies and of course, the ‘secret sauce.’ The fries were crispy, but my favorite part was probably the shake. I went back and forth between one of the concretes or one of the shakes and ended up going with the peanut butter shake, which I think was a pretty good choice. Rabi’s brother got one of the concretes, which is really more like a dessert, but still so good. I really wanted to go back every time we could, but I suppose once was enough. Besides, there are the rumors that Shake Shack will grace Boston Common with its presence. Apparently everyone is mad that a New York institution would come to Boston, but seriously people, this place is wonderful!

That evening we went to Koreatown for some dumplings. I think the place we ended up finding was called Mandoo. They made fresh dumplings (you could see them making them in the window), but I wasn’t overly impressed. I unfortunately didn’t get any Korean fried chicken, which is probably my favorite thing ever, but I was with three vegetarians. Ah well. I did like the place though and it was pretty chic. I think next time I would try and seek out a more ‘hole in the wall’ place, but it’s hard to tell with New York–there are so many places. This is why I must move there and try as many restaurants as possible.

Eating wasn’t the only thing that we did that week. To walk off the Shake Shack coma we ended up at the Met. Every time I go there, I always forget how huge that place is. I think my favorite part was being by the Egyptian pyramids and looking out the window onto Central Park. I always love museums once I go there and it was a nice place to rest our poor out of walking shape bodies who have been living in the suburbs for way too long.

Oh and since we’re nerds, we of course had to check out the floating Apple cube. I also think we needed to look up something and good ole’ Apple always provides free internet. That place was packed. Apparently it’s open 24 hours a day and is always busy. Only in New York. Well we definitely came back five pounds heavier, but also very happy. Can’t wait to go back again!

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