Traveling with a Five Year Old {who also has CP}

You may have noticed that we took a vacation to Italy in the beginning of April. It was really amazing. It was our first family vacation that only involved the three of us and our first ‘real’ vacation in about 4 years. So yea–we were pretty pumped while we planned it.

Hello world! (again)

So I have arguably the best wife in the world. She’s also arguably the best mom in the world, too. This is actually her blog— I set it up and gave it to her as part of an elaborate engagement process before we even got married, believe it or not.

Anyway, it had been happily operating all these years, and then tragedy struck. Well, not really tragedy, but the website got thoroughly infected with malware. This made her very sad. I always nag her about updating her software all the time, but of course I never helped (or offered to help) keep her website software updated as well.  She’s more the foodie and I’m more the techie in this relationship.

This brings us to tonight, a few days after her birthday. I haven’t really gotten her anything in particular since I’ve been working nights in the hospital for a couple of weeks now. We just came back from a nice dinner, and of course I’m still in “vampire sleep” mode.  Given that, I decided to just stay up all night and fix the website once and for all.

The sad thing is that there was no way around completely deleting all the prior content and starting everything off from scratch again.  The upside is that she’s an amazing baker, cook, wife, and mom (did I mention that?), so I have no doubt she’ll fill it up with content again very soon 🙂