Overnight Bircher Muesli

Are you a resolution person? I’m completely not into that New Year/New You stuff. I’m not going to suddenly wake up at 4am and workout for 2 hours since I am not a morning person. That being said I am definitely a breakfast person. That wasn’t always the case, but for the past couple years, I’ve woken up STARVING every morning, which has necessitated the whole eating breakfast thing. The thing about needing breakfast and not being able to wake up in a timely manner is that I never have time to make breakfast.  So basically I need to eat something, but without it taking any time. Oh also it should be nutritious and filling.

White Chocolate Cranberry Blondies

It’s the holiday season, right? We’ve eaten all the pumpkin and now the sidewalks are filled with Christmas trees and we have Red Cups. Thank goodness they are red and we know that they are for Christmas. Anyway, while I can do without the Pumpkin Spice Lattes {I know, I’m apparently the only one}, I LOVE the Cranberry Bliss Bars that they sell at Starbucks during the holidays. It’s weird because I actually usually don’t like white chocolate, but the combination of the dense blondie bottom and slightly tangy cream cheese and cranberries gets me every time.

Whole Wheat Apple Muffins


I LOVE muffins. I know, they’re so unhealthy, blah blah blah, but I stand by them, because honestly, who doesn’t want to eat cake for breakfast? And after this election cycle, I think we can all use a little cake for breakfast–am I right? I feel like nothing can soothe your angry/sad soul like some apples, brown sugar and carbs. Sweet, fulfilling carbs.

The Love List: My Makeup Routine


Disclaimer: I bought all of these products on my own. Neither Sephora nor any of these brands know who I am!

I’m one of those weird people that LOVES looking for a new apartment. The appeal to me is that you get to go into all these buildings that you may have walked by hundreds of times and actually get to see what it’s like to live inside! Anyway, I think I’m just nosy because I love posts people do about their daily routines–not necessarily just the Day in the Lifes, but also products that people use everyday. I feel like sometimes I find new favorites that way or new brands to check out. So in that light, here is a peek into my everyday makeup routine. Yup, just 4 products and it takes me about 10 minutes {like really 10 minutes, not 10 minutes but I mean 35}.  I will say I think I’ve talked about most of these products before, but thought I would just put them together to demonstrate how I use them.

  1. Nars Tinted Moisturizer: I’ve definitely talked about this before and it’s still my favorite. Now that I’ve been applying it with the Beauty Blender, I love it even more. I’ve been using this stuff for over 3 years now and just bought by third tube. And I wear it everyday–that’s how long it lasts. I was considering getting a different moisturizer or potentially foundation and then though to myself–why change? And I’m so glad I haven’t!
  2. Nars The Multiple: I talked about this before too, but this just goes to show that I really like this  stuff and actually use it. I know a lot of people that swear by Orgasm, but I find it a little too glittery for my taste. I tried G-Spot {sense a theme?} and fell in love. It makes it so easy to get ready in the morning. Just a few swipes on the cheeks and then I blend it in with my fingers. Done!
  3. Dior Addict-It Lash: I’ve tried a bunch of different mascaras and my problem is always that I like how waterproof mascara doesn’t run, but also comes off easily. Apparently that is very hard to find. I would either end up with mascara that was impossible to get off or flakes all day everyday. I decided to try Dior mascara, and while it made me ill to spend this kind of money on mascara, I’m really happy with it.  I feel like it comes off relatively easy and doesn’t flake at all.
  4. Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner: I don’t wear this everyday, but it’s probably gets used half the time on a regular day and definitely on special occasions. I think it’s easy to apply and adds a little oomph when you need it.

Zucchini Bread


This recipe may be more appropriate in the height of summer when everyone is dying under the CSA/garden zucchini haul, but I find zucchini bread to always be delicious. I rediscovered this recipe recently and as luck would have it, zucchini was on sale, so here ya’ go! I know everyone else is pushing all the pumpkin things, but it’s fine, there’s a long winter ahead.

The Love List: Summer Edition

Summer 2016

Obviously doing things I like monthly is just not working at all. So I decided to throw together a little list of things I’ve really been digging this summer. And this works out because it’s still summer! I know that it’s Labor Day weekend, but why let that keep you down! Also one of the many great things about moving to NYC is the fact that it remains warm for weeks after Labor Day.

Cherry Pie Bars

Cherry Pie Bars 003

We have hit summer, people. It’s freaking hot outside, which means over time I descend into the subway it feels like I’m actually going to hell. The plus side is that eventually it cools off and that’s the perfect time for a  dinner picnic. One of my favorite things to do is pack up our dinner and take it all to Central Park for a picnic. Even if you’re just eating your sad leftovers, it’s so much more fun when the air is cooling off and everyone is outside soaking up the long days.

DIY Decorated Wooden Cutlery


It’s springtime now and that means it’s shower season–baby and bridal. Seriously, my Facebook feed is blowing up with pink tulle flowers and mason jars. Maybe you’re in charge of a shower or throwing a birthday party and are started browsing on Pinterest, which will inevitably lead to severe anxiety attacks. Trust me, I know.