The Week So Far–Snow Day Edition

This is what is going on outside–on the second day of spring. It’s ridiculous, I know, but also kind of expected. Also New York City, despite it’s overall awesomeness is really unable to manage snow. The predictions are so far off and it feels like they’re never able to figure out if the city should completely shut down or just go on as usual. Who knows?

Either way, we’re enjoying a relaxing day–I can’t complain as I’m off today and Rishi and I have no plans to leave the apartment.

I realized that I always tried to do these weekend updates, but given my work schedule, I often am working on weekends, so since these are my two days off, I figured I would write about my week so far.

We had Rishi’s school conferences this week, which he ran. He obviously needed some coffee before he had to talk to us. It was hot chocolate–don’t worry. I’ll be honest that I was a little skeptical of the whole ‘student run conference’ because apparently I’m way more brown/Tiger Mom than I thought. It was actually so freaking cute and also a great exercise in self-assessment, which is really great.

Rishi had also been running an experiment about what area had more bacteria–his mouth or the floor. He predicted the floor, we predicted his mouth. He was correct! And now he’s lording over us his Scientist status.

Even though it’s not warm, we pretended it was and checked out a new pizza place in the neighborhood. It has Roman style pizza, which is great because we’re about to go there!

Rishi was also taken with the art in the Subway station.

Finally on my day off I explored Soho. I love the architecture down there as it feels like Boston and London combined.

Of course I needed to get some coffee.

That’s it! Let’s see the next time I get around to this! Enjoy the rest of your week.


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