Weekend Recap: Winter Break Edition

Yes it’s the middle of the week and I’m not even talking about one weekend, but with the holidays it’s been a little nuts. Also, my beloved laptop that withstood all my crumbs and dirty hands finally died on me. It was  a slow death and something called the logic board likely had some type of crud on it that caused it to constantly be in a state of reboot. It was really weird. Anyway, these feelings of loss ended up being pretty short lived as I have this brand new fancy thing that is smaller and cooler. Sorry old computer.

We spent Christmas in Massachusetts where it was freezing and actually snowed. Seriously, the weather in New York is so much better–who knew that 10 degrees would make a difference? The break was beyond relaxing–especially since Rishi insisted on waking up Aji and Ajo (my parents) every morning before sunrise rather than us. They said ‘they enjoyed it’ since they love spending time with their grandson. I didn’t really ask too many questions. Either way, Rishi is King at my parents’ house.

Even with the relaxing though, it was a packed trip. We got to meet some old friends, which is always fun. It’s really fun watching our kids play together even if they only see each other once a year or so. I think they end up really enjoying each other. We got to try a lot of new fun places that were in Worcester and visit some old ones we always love.

We came back to NYC for New Year’s Eve and Rishi somehow managed to stay up until midnight. I had to work a lot over that weekend, but at least got NYE off and didn’t work until later on New Year’s Day. And now we’re back to the grind and chilling at home while the Bomb Cyclone or whatever terrorizes us outside.


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