Weekend Recap: Nutcracker Edition


I realized that I haven’t done one of these in a while….and then I realized that my last weekend recap was basically my last weekend off. How sad. But such is the life of a doctor I suppose. While I enjoy my weekdays off, it was definitely fun to actually have a weekend with all three of us. The weekend started off with Crazy Hair Day at school. I was little sad that his hair wasn’t longer and I couldn’t  make a proper man bun. 

Saturday involved some relaxation, but also I ended up taking Rishi to the movies. He was bouncing all around throughout the day, so wiped out on the train ride to the movies. Awesome. Luckily he perked up in time to watch Coco (and not even scared!). The consignment lines were really long before the movie, so we got candy after the movie. He seemed ok with it.

The following day was the biggest day of our year–The Nutcracker! Rabi had somehow told Rishi about The Nutcracker in July and he had been asking about it almost weekly. So we finally went. I have to say Rishi really enjoyed it, though got bored in maybe the last 10 minutes. I take that as a win!

Either way, it was fun to go to the show and get a little dressed up. I’ve only seen it once before, but the music just comes back to you, which was fun. And that’s it for this recap! Luckily only a couple of shifts left until we get a break for Christmas.


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