Weekend Recap: All Kid Edition

Another weekend, another recap–posted a couple of days late. Oh well. better late than ever? Also hopefully one day I will get back to posting other things besides our weekends. Though who doesn’t love creeping on someone else’s weekends?

We had a very Rishi-centric weekend {unlike all the other weekends where we just ignore him}. This involved both a birthday party AND a playdate. In between I had an overnight shift. Good times.

Our weekend started with a birthday party for one of Rishi’s friends from Kindergarten. It was at Riverside Park, which is all the way on the west side. It’s just so far away, so while our intention was to martyr it out and take the bus, we were running late as well as being super lazy, so cab it was.

Once we got there all the 5 year olds got to burn off their energy for several hours fueled by sugar. In addition there was a piñata, which was especially frightening as the aforementioned 5 year olds were then wielding a very large stick to try and hit a cardboard box. Luckily everyone got out alive.

After my shift on Saturday, I took a short nap, then we went to another one of Rishi’s classmates house. It was a lot of fun, but by the end I was exhausted, so nap time for me. Also, we tried a new ramen place, which was amazing. Hopefully one day it will actually be cool enough to enjoy ramen. And now I’m off for a couple of days so I can take my Peds Boards. Wish me luck!

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