Weekend Recap: Long Weekend Edition

Welcome to another weekend recap. I know..I’m including Monday, which is a holiday for many people, though one of the fake minor ones. Plus it celebrates a person that essentially opened the door for invasion of North America, but hey, at least the three of us got to hang out. If it makes you feel better, I had to work 10 hours on Saturday and almost got punched in the face, but that’s a story for another day.

Sunday was much better. We started off the day with pancakes {i.e. weekend essential}. I attended a marathon study session for my upcoming Peds Boards {only 8 days away…no YOU’RE stressed out} and then we had pizza. So yea, some days aren’t complicated, but we enjoy them for the simplicity.

Today {which yes, I’m including} was actually the worst day weather wise, but the best day activity wise. We decided to check out the Whitney Museum–though first we stopped at Chelsea Market for coffee {Rabi’s fave place}.

The museum itself was actually really fun. Rishi loved it, which was surprising. He was pretty excited for the sculptures that were part of the special exhibit and got really into the kid’s guide that explained some of the paintings on the 7th floor. It was cute watching him draw his favorite ones.

The museum itself is also very cool. It has a lot of outdoor space, which would probably be a little nicer on a less dreary day. I kind of like the city though engulfed in fog and clouds. Anyway, we ended up getting  a membership since it was more economical, so I’m excited to go back. Definitely looking forward to doing more stuff like this with Rishi now that he’s old enough to appreciate it!

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