Weekend Recap: Killing the $@%! Out of Fall Edition

I had this vision of my post-Residency life where I had all the time in the world and would get back to elaborate cooking and blogging. Ha! I apparently have 3 years of stuff to catch up on, plus the ever-looming boards to study for and take {and hopefully pass!}.

Well despite that, we have been still squeezed in some fun over the weekend. This was a rare weekend when I was off the entire time and Rabi only had a moonlighting shift. We went out for lunch on Saturday and then pretty much did nothing else. It was awesome.

Sunday I was determined to go Apple Picking. We used to go all the time when we lived in Massachusetts, but since it involves driving outside of the city, it has not happened. Well we finally made it happen and it was SO worth it. Look at this view!

Also, we wore flannel…because FALL!

We ended up at Masker Orchards, which was HUGE! We actually got there around 10:40am, which was nice because the concessions weren’t crowded. I was there almost more for the donuts and snacks, which did not disappoint. The pie with ice cream was phenomenal. Yea, no food pictures were taken because we stuffed our faces. But we sure did have fun! And now we have approximately 15 pounds of apples to eat! I’m sure this won’t get old!

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