The Love List: Summer Edition

Summer 2016

Obviously doing things I like monthly is just not working at all. So I decided to throw together a little list of things I’ve really been digging this summer. And this works out because it’s still summer! I know that it’s Labor Day weekend, but why let that keep you down! Also one of the many great things about moving to NYC is the fact that it remains warm for weeks after Labor Day.

  1. Splendid Caracas Sandal: I was looking for a new summer sandal and found these. I like them because they are comfortable, can be dressed up or down and didn’t require any breaking in period. Also a plus–they are on sale now!
  2. beauty blender: This thing seems like such a stupid item–but it’s really awesome. I’ve used it everyday and definitely don’t need as much of my foundation or tinted moisturizer as before. Plus your fingers don’t get dirty! Don’t be fooled by competitors!
  3. Grady’s Cold Brew: I started bringing iced coffee shaken with condensed milk when I was on call and after trying a bunch of commercial brands, this was my favorite. And hey you can get it online!
  4. Dennis Gross Eye Cream: It was a sad day when I realized that I needed eye cream. Let’s pause for a moment of silence for that. I was a little hesitant to use a cream with retinol as my skin freaked out before from that, but so far this has been going well. And I do feel like my eyes look better and there is less dark circles.
  5. Victoria’s Secret Bralette: Yea, I jumped on the bralette train, which seems a little silly as I’m a thirty-something mom. But honestly, they are so comfortable and I love the look of them peeking through tank tops. This is a great starter bralette. Very classy and sleek looking.
  6. Bite Matte Lip Crayon in Framboise: I started just earring bold lipstick for casual outings and this was my summer go-to. I haven’t worn pink lipstick in a while and I will say it’s a nice change from the typical red. Try it, the next time you’re just going to run errands–it will make you feel better.
  7. Madewell Whisper Muscle Tank: Loved this tank top over the summer. It’s light, but not so see-through that you can’t wear it under a cardigan at work. They have a lot of great colors, and now have new ones for fall. This would definitely be useful well into the fall.

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