DIY Decorated Wooden Cutlery


It’s springtime now and that means it’s shower season–baby and bridal. Seriously, my Facebook feed is blowing up with pink tulle flowers and mason jars. Maybe you’re in charge of a shower or throwing a birthday party and are started browsing on Pinterest, which will inevitably lead to severe anxiety attacks. Trust me, I know.


When Rishi turned one, I went a little nuts making desserts and decor. I had posted these before, but then my blog got hacked. So now I get to talk about them again! These were easy to make and are a fun project to do while watching TV {House of Cards? Real Housewives?}.


This isn’t really a recipe, but more of a technique. First, you need some wooden cutlery. I found some on Amazon: here and here. Then you need Washi tape. You can find this multiple places–Amazon, random places on the internet, Target. Once you have those two things, you just need some scissors and some time. Basically you measure out some tape–try and make them all the same length so the decorations look uniform. Since the tape is square and the ends of the cutlery are round, you just have to trip the ends of a good fit. Voila! You’re done. And now you look like a crafty genius!

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