The Love List: May!


May2016Another month, another list. Let’s ignore the fact that I didn’t make one for April, shall we?

1: NPR: Embedded Podcast: I have a pretty long train ride to work every day. Most people would probably get pissed off by this, but I actually don’t mind it so much–mainly because I listen to podcasts along the way. I have a bunch of faves, but I recently discovered Embedded. Its really interesting in that it tries to get in on the ground of a story. So far they’ve covered a drug/HIV epidemic in Indiana and a biker gang shootout in Texas. Super interesting stuff!

2: Korres Greek Yogurt Cleanser: I’ve tried a lot of face products and my latest stint is with this cleanser. I like the scent and it doesn’t piss off my somewhat sensitive skin even though I’ve been using it twice a day. Plus it really takes off makeup, which is helpful {though I still use a makeup remover beforehand}

3: Nespresso Inissia Machine: I fell down the Nespresso rabbit hole, pretty hard. I’ve tried Keurig before and it was terrible. Then I tried Nespresso and was so hooked. I was traditionally a French Press girl, but this is SO fast and I don’t have to clean the damn French Press everyday. Do you know how worth it that alone is? If you decide to get one for yourself, I think the milk frother is essential. And luckily you can find bundles online that make it pretty reasonable. I’ve stuck with the Nespresso brand pods as I can easily recycle them and I like the flavors, but there are third party brands out there that try to make them for less. I never thought I’d use a pod machine, but I really enjoy it.

4: Nars The Multiple in G-Spot: Everyone loves the Nars Multiple and most people go for Orgasm, but I think for my skin tone, G-Spot is better. I used to use a Nars powder blush, but I love this stick because I don’t have to use a brush. I’ve only used it on my cheeks, but it’s good for eyes and lips as well. I love the dewy look it gives my skin.

5: Sir Kensington’s Chipotle Mayonnaise: I actually used to hate mayonnaise, but a stint in London during college really made me like it more. This mayonnaise is delicious and super spicy. I basically use it as a sauce with grain bowls, sweet potatoes or anything that should be dipped. It’s also made with high quality ingredients, which is always reassuring.

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