Weekend Recap: Winter Break Edition

Yes it’s the middle of the week and I’m not even talking about one weekend, but with the holidays it’s been a little nuts. Also, my beloved laptop that withstood all my crumbs and dirty hands finally died on me. It was  a slow death and something called the logic board likely had some type of crud on it that caused it to constantly be in a state of reboot. It was really weird. Anyway, these feelings of loss ended up being pretty short lived as I have this brand new fancy thing that is smaller and cooler. Sorry old computer.

Weekend Recap: Nutcracker Edition


I realized that I haven’t done one of these in a while….and then I realized that my last weekend recap was basically my last weekend off. How sad. But such is the life of a doctor I suppose. While I enjoy my weekdays off, it was definitely fun to actually have a weekend with all three of us. The weekend started off with Crazy Hair Day at school. I was little sad that his hair wasn’t longer and I couldn’t  make a proper man bun. 

Homemade Pizza Dough

I’m kind of torn about homemade pizza dough. On the one hand, pizza is that comfort dinner that is not only delicious, but is super easy because you have it delivered to your door. When you start making your own dough and subsequently your own pizza, you’ve really taken the easiness factor out of pizza–suddenly you’re waiting for dough to rise and stretching it out and shoving it in the oven.

Weekend Recap: All Kid Edition

Another weekend, another recap–posted a couple of days late. Oh well. better late than ever? Also hopefully one day I will get back to posting other things besides our weekends. Though who doesn’t love creeping on someone else’s weekends?

We had a very Rishi-centric weekend {unlike all the other weekends where we just ignore him}. This involved both a birthday party AND a playdate. In between I had an overnight shift. Good times.

Weekend Recap: Long Weekend Edition

Welcome to another weekend recap. I know..I’m including Monday, which is a holiday for many people, though one of the fake minor ones. Plus it celebrates a person that essentially opened the door for invasion of North America, but hey, at least the three of us got to hang out. If it makes you feel better, I had to work 10 hours on Saturday and almost got punched in the face, but that’s a story for another day.

Sunday was much better. We started off the day with pancakes {i.e. weekend essential}. I attended a marathon study session for my upcoming Peds Boards {only 8 days away…no YOU’RE stressed out} and then we had pizza. So yea, some days aren’t complicated, but we enjoy them for the simplicity.

Weekend Recap: Killing the $@%! Out of Fall Edition

I had this vision of my post-Residency life where I had all the time in the world and would get back to elaborate cooking and blogging. Ha! I apparently have 3 years of stuff to catch up on, plus the ever-looming boards to study for and take {and hopefully pass!}.

Well despite that, we have been still squeezed in some fun over the weekend. This was a rare weekend when I was off the entire time and Rabi only had a moonlighting shift. We went out for lunch on Saturday and then pretty much did nothing else. It was awesome.

Cherry Tomato Pasta Sauce

You guys–summer is done. It’s Labor Day Weekend and today it was legit cold to the point where I actually needed the new fleece I just bought. I barely broke a sweat while I wore it this morning. While Fall isn’t so bad, I’m really sad to see the summer go for a bunch of reasons. One of those is the produce. I’ve actually been able to frequent the Greenmarket this summer and it’s been such a delight getting fresh in season fruits and vegetables. 

Berry Shortcakes

After we got married {which was 6 years ago today!!}, we had a bunch of family and friends that were still in town, so we decided to go on a day trip to Ogunquit, Maine.  When we lived in Massachusetts, we went there fairly frequently and usually spent Labor Day weekend there. We went to an Italian place for dinner and when it came time for dessert, everyone picked the usual Tiramisu or the decadent chocolate cake, but I opted for the Strawberry Shortcake, because I’m a sucker for fruity desserts (don’t get me started on lemon desserts…}. What came out was so unexpected that everyone was jealous! I was presented with a still warm shortcake in a bowl piled high with strawberries and just lightly sweetened whipped cream. It was amazing and is one of those things that I still think about years later.

The Love List: Late Spring


I figure every couple months I’ll be inspired and perhaps post something. Or maybe I’ll post more frequently. Anyway, after a couple of months without buying clothing–mainly because I wasn’t really in love with anything, I suddenly had to have ALL THE CLOTHES. Isn’t it funny how one second you can decide to never buy anything again and the next second you’re debating moving so you can have more closets? I know these are ‘late spring’ looks and soon it will be 95 degrees and we’ll all be dying a slow death, but a lot of these can transition to summer.

  1. Madewell Cold Shoulder Shirt: When this whole cold shoulder trend came out, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Then I saw it on enough people that I was like yup…I have to have it. While this shirt is long sleeve, I actually wore this on a day that was 85 with shorts on a day that we went to Brooklyn and I felt amazing–probably because it’s made out of linen.
  2. Uniqlo Legging Pants: I know the trend is bell bottoms and stuff, but I feel like those cuts kind of overwhelm my short little legs. Also, these are basically leggings with back pockets–i.e. the dream! I’ve worn these to work before {the black ones}.
  3. Uniqlo Bomber Jacket: This is the perfect spring jacket. A little bit warm for those blustery days, but still lightweight, can be dressed up and down, and can take a little rain. This comes in matte and one with a little sheen. I opted for the olive, which feels neutral, but stands out a little.
  4. Vans Slim Sk8 Zip Hi-Tops: These are actually in leather, which makes them a little more polished than the canvas hi-tops. I got these in the black and gold version, but the lighter colors are great for spring/summer. Just a warning–these take a couple wears to break in the leather, but now they’re super comfortable!
  5. Madewell Headliner Sunglasses: While everyone has Raybans, the Wayfarers are way too narrow for my wide round face. They look ridiculous–I’ve tried. I love these, especially because of the reflective lenses. These are that Wayfarer shape, but actually fit my face without being absurdly large. Plus they’re a nice thick tortoise, but not so heavy that they  hurt my face.
  6. Madewell Button Back Plaid Shirt: You can’t see it in this picture, but there’s buttons going down the back. This shirt is also made of linen, so it’s light and airy for summer, but can be warn with a light jacket {see number 3} for those cooler days. The tie front is also something fun and unexpected.